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Life Matters can be purchased in soft-cover and digital formats online at most bookstores including Iuniverse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in some local brick-and-mortar bookstores.  If you don't see it in your local store, ask for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Ten-year-old Sweetpea is ecstatic when her heretofore absent father takes her on an ice cream outing.  The outing lasts longer than she anticipates and they end up in Texas with the family of her father’s old army buddy.  Shortly after arriving, tragedy strikes.  In trying to get back to her mother in Seattle, Sweetpea gets an early lesson in trusting your gut---which means that sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do. ..

Holidays---usually a time for family, friends, and fun---can be anything but when accompanied by a diagnosis of cancer.  The author shares her very personal discovery, healing and survival of cancer.  Her acquisition of survival skills and how she was transformed provides hope to others who have to face similar diagnosis and benefits us all….

We’ve all enjoyed those occasional ‘girl’s night out’ with our friends, right?  Well, The Best Laid Plans treats us to a night out shared by four friends.  The plan is to catch-up over drinks and hor d’oeuvres and then take in a book reading.  The evening is fraught with twists and turns as plans go slightly awry….

With the backdrop of Black America in the 1940’s, Southern Discomfort reveals the childhood story of Billy.  Billy---living with his mom, new stepfather and six brothers and sisters--- challenges his reality amidst the injustices and prejudices left over by Jim Crow…

Have you ever been blinded by love at first sight? Cheryl Kincaid turns her blind eye toward Brandon Washington who resembles a tall, sweet, walking chocolate sundae.  After a few months’ diet of Brandon, we can appreciate all over again how a Dessert diet can play havoc with our overall health… 

Most of us go to church to find solace, strength, and salvation.  Meet Amanda Whitmore who is Such a Clever Girl.  She goes to church in search of prey---always on the look for another victim.  How long will she be able to hide her real motives for being the ‘good steward’ everyone believes her to be?...

Common sense is not common.  However, the author breaks down her survival guide to corporate America in point-by-point lessons as one enters, moves, is promoted and succeeds in Corporate America as seen through tinted lenses of an African American woman.  She provides a guided tour through corporate America with all its secret codes, false leads, side trails and land mines for minorities along with an inside view of the hallowed halls and mahogany offices of the decision makers.  Using the stories passed down from her ancestors in It’s a Poor Cook Who Doesn’t Eat (Mother wit to Help You Survive in Corporate America) will Lonnie overcome the obstacles put in place by her bosses and co-workers?….

Welcome Back to the USA Liz who, as a teenager, has a lot of issues to deal with.  These issues are all magnified when Liz returns to her old neighborhood after being out of the country on a military base for a few years.  Tackling friendship, boys, clothes, and hair are things you’d expect but Liz also wears glasses and a monumental change awaits. 

The Trip takes Melia from Seattle to Atlanta for a business conference and she anticipates the attention of many southern gentlemen.  She finds someone who takes her breath away and they spend several magical days together.  Can the magic last? 

We just don’t write letters anymore.  In Letters To My Friend the author gives her best male friend, Mason, word pictures about her new adopted city and imparts words of strength as he battles a terminal illness…

Driving MS Crazy-Stickered Volkswagen reminds us that it’s often the little, simple things in life that leaves the most lasting and precious impressions on our souls.  Encounters with an old neighborhood car and its owners provide a family with such impressions…

The Discovery
takes a family on an ancestral journey that uncovers more questions than it answers

In her early twenties, Marie spent quality time with her great grandmother, the Sweet Mattie Banks.  She was old enough to appreciate the relationship she would later share with her own children to impress upon them the importance of family.….

When you’re growing up, things just look big.  And whatever is new just feels better than the old.  Portland Is Better offers some experiences that are very different from home and sets up this thirteen-year-old for a grown-up summer before the 8th grade….

Reverend Willie B Foster knows how to inspire his congregation and open their minds to what is occurring in their communities.  A powerful sermon delivered in a small church in the segregated south gives parishioners something to hold onto and gives nourishment for the upcoming week.  Oh, Freedom reminds them of how far they’ve come and yet how far they must go.