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These were read [and written see our book, Life Matters in 1999] 1991 - 2011

Most often, we meet on the last Sunday of every month except June-August and December [Our November meeting is usually moved to the 1st Sunday in December due to the Thanksgiving Holiday].  We have a host rotation schedule and the host for the following meeting leads the current month's book discussion.   In September, we start collecting book recommendations for the coming year.  In October, we vote on the books we'd like to read.

February Organizing Meeting
March Disappearing Acts Terry McMillian
June Mamma Terry McMillian
October Dust Tracks on the Road Zora Neale Hurston
December The Matter is Life J California Cooper

February Mama Day Gloria Naylor
March Linden Hiills Gloria Naylor
April Beloved Toni Morrison
May Joy Marsha Hunt
September Waiting To Exhale Terry McMillian
October Family J California Cooper

January Malcolm X Alex Haley

February Reorganizing Meeting
April Company Man Brent Wade
May Bailey's Café Gloria Naylor
September Your Blues Ain't Like Mine BeBe More Campbell
October Volunteer Slavery Jill Nelson
November In Search of Satisfaction J California Cooper
December Brothers and Sisters BeBe More Campbell

February White Butterfly Walter Mosley
March Race Matters Cornell West
May Sister President Johnetta B Cole
June Makes Me Wanna Holler Nathan McCall
September Ugly Ways Tina McElroy Ansa
October Some Love Some Pain Some Time J California Cooper
November Having Our Say The Delaney Sisters

January The Good Negress A.J. Vernelle
February Value in the Valley Iyania Vanzandt
March The Wedding Dorothy West
April Laughing in the Dark Patrice Gaines
June How Stella Got Her Grove Back Terry McMillian
September A Little Yellow Dog Walter Mosley
October Touch Charlotte Watson Sherman
November Kindred Octavia Butler

January Wild Embers Anita Richmond Bunkley
January Where Evil Sleeps Valerie Wilson Wesley
February The Living is Easy Dorothy West
April Somebody Else's Mama David Haynes
April Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made DeBerry/Grant
May Gone Fishin' Walter Mosely
June Gal Ruthie Bolton
September Jazz Toni Morrison
October Good Hair Benilde Little
November Along Came a Spider James Patterson

January Amistad Alexs Pate
February The Heart of a Woman Maya Angelou
March Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned Walter Mosley
April Paradise Toni Morrison
May The Men of Brewster Place Gloria Naylor
June Singing in the Comeback Choir BeBe Moore Campbell
September (1st Life MattersStories) Sister, Sister Eric Jerome Dickey
October The Hand I Fan With Tina McElroy Ansa
December The Itch Benilde Little

January Life Matters The Bookclub
February Can I Get a Witness Julia Boyd
March Blanch Cleans Up Barbara Neely
April What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day Pearl Cleage
May Miles: The Autobiography Miles Davis/Quincy Troupe
July Catherine Carmier Ernest J. Gaines
September Sally Hennings Barbara Chase-Riboud
October The President's Daughter Barbara Chase-Riboud
December Ain't Nobody's Business Valerie Wilson Wesley

January The Edge of Heaven Marita Golden
February The Moaners Bench Mars Hill
March Knowing Rosalyn McMillian
April Caucasia Danzy Senna
May A Darker Side of Crimson Paula Thomas-Graham
June The Wake of the Wind J California Cooper
September The Devil Riding Valerie Wilson Wesley
October Starlight Express Anita Richmond Bunkley
December Blanche Passes Go Barbara Neely

January Breath, Eyes, Memory Edwidge Danticat
February A day Late & A Dollar Short Terry McMillian
March Far From the Tree DeBerry and Grant
April The Future Has a Past J California Cooper
May My Soul To Keep Tananarive Due
June Sugar Bernice McFadden
September Sarah's Psalm Florence Ladd
October The Living Blood Tananarive Due
November Blanche on the Lam Barbara Neely

February Cane River Lalita Tademy
March Waiting in Vain Colin Channer
April What You Owe Me BeBe Moore Campbell
May This Bitter Earth Bernice McFadden
September Lion's Blood Steven Barnes
October Colored Sugar Water Venise Berry
November You Know Better Tina McElroy Ansa

February The Emperor Of Ocean Park Stephen L. Carter
March If I Could Donna Hill
April P. G. County Connie Briscoe
May Black Gold Anita Richmond Bunkley
June The Hatwearer's Lesson Yolanda Joe
September Plain Brown Wrapper Karen Grigsby Bates
October Church Folks
November Sexual Healing Jill Nelson

January Serpent In My Corner JD Dainiels
February Acting Out Benilde Little
March Indigo Beverly Jenkins
April Fear Itself Walter Mosley
May When Twilight Comes Gwynne Forster
June Love Toni Morrison
September Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do Pearl Cleage
October The Known World Edward P. Jones
December Cosmopolitan Girls Lyah Beth LaFlore

February Mirrored Life Anita Bunkley
March Some People Some Other Place J California Cooper
April Little Scarlet Walter Mosley
May Hotttentot Venus Barbara Chase-Riboud
June Dying in the Dark Valerie Wilson Wesley
September Better Than I Know Myself DeBerry/Grant
October Tumbling Diane McKinney Whetstone
December My Jim Nancy Rawles

January Blood on the Leaves Jeff Stetson
February Who Does She Think She Is Benilde Little
March Cinnamon Kiss Walter Mosley
April Can't Get Enough Connie Briscoe
May Joplin's Ghost Tananarive Due
June Playing My Mother's Blues Valerie Wilson Wesley
September Voices in the Mirror Gordon Parks
October Nowhere is a Place Bernice McFadden
December The Angel of Harlem Kuwana Haulsey

January Blues Dancing Diane McK. Whetstone
February Red River Lalita Tademy
March A Piece of Cake Cupcake Brown
April Tangled Roots Angela Henry
May The Blackbird Papers Ian Smith, MD
June Killing Johnny Frye Walter Mosley
September New England White Stephen Carter
October Upstate Kalisha Buckhanon
December Middle Ground Rosalind McIymount

January Blond Faith Walter Mosley
February Ms Etta's Fast House Victor McGlothany
March You Only Get Better Connie Briscoe, Lolita Files, Anita Bunkley
April Casanegra Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due
May Baby Brother's Blues Pearl Cleage
June Man Gone Down Michael Thomas
September Dreams of My Father Barak Obama
October Them Nathan McCall
December Of Blood & Sorrow Valerie Wilson Wesley

January Seen it All & Done the Rest Pearl Cleage
February Every Reasonable Doubt Pamela Samuels-Young
March In the Night of the Heat Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due
April The Breakthrough Gwen Ifill
May The New Moon's Arms Nalo Haskinson
June Sent for You Yesterday & Here you Come Today John Wideman
September Audacity of Hope Barak Obama
October Palace Council Steven Carter
December Life is Short, But Wide J California Cooper

2010                                                                                                                             January Blood Colony Tananrive Due
February Murder on the Down Low Pamela Samuels Young
March Before I forget Leonard Pitte, Jr
April Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali 
May Captured Beverly Jenkins
June Morning Show Murders: A Novel Al Roker
September Jericho Falls Stephen Carter
October Taking After Mudear Tina McElroy Ansa
December Black Water Rising Attica Locke

2011                                                                                                                            January Parable of the Talents Octavia Butler
February Douglas Women Jewel Parker Rhodes
March Searching for Tina Turner Jacqueline Luckett
April (May 1) Babylon Sisters Pearl Cleage 
May Getting to Happy Terry McMillian
June Cape Town Blair Underwood
September Known to Evil Walter Mosley
October Buying Time Pamela Samuels Young
December Zulu Heart Steven Barnes